PLSQL Challenge Q4 Playoff

Do you play the PL/SQL challenge?

It was definitely tough.

The results of the Q4 2010 Playoff have been published.

When the answers were published, I thought I had a good chance of sneaking into the Top 10 but I fluked top spot.

I was so chuffed when I saw the preliminary results at the weekend. Couldn’t believe it. Made my weekend. And I didn’t even realise there was a prize – bonus.

It’s interesting to see the results of the past playoffs as well.
There are quite a few consistent performers in there.

Of whom though, a special mischievous thought goes out to Gary Myers who, in the height of Ashes fever, enjoyed the Q3 playoff results from an Aussie vs UK slant. So, now that’s both the the Ashes and the Q4 Playoff. Sorry Gary 😉

(Who am I kidding, I’d swap geographic locations any day…)

No doubt mine will be a typical British response though, failure to qualify for the next playoff is virtually guaranteed.

I’m thinking this achievement would look good listed on a CV under Hobbies 🙂

But it’s good stuff, you should do it.


9 Responses to PLSQL Challenge Q4 Playoff

  1. Rob van Wijk says:

    Congratulations. The playoffs are tough and being first really says something.

  2. Doug Burns says:

    Nice one!

    “No doubt mine will be a typical British response though, failure to qualify for the next playoff is virtually guaranteed.”

    LOL. I predict you will romp home, beating all-comers with ease. England expects 😉

    • Dom Brooks says:

      England – come on Doug, even with the devolved Scottish parliament, we’re all one nation… United… God Save the Queen and all that…. O Flower of Scotland, anyone?

      What is it, the 25th today?
      Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim’rous beastie, etc

      But then every night is Burns night for you…

      > England expects.
      She shouldn’t. I’ve been neglectful in the New Year.

  3. Alex Nedoboi says:

    Challenges are fun. Congratulations.

    Was going to say that despite The Ashes and the PLSQL Challenge, we still have Bondi Beach, where, I guess, Gary is heading right now to have Australia Day BBQ. But it seems you have covered this by adding the geography remark just between me reading the original post and writing this reply 🙂

    • Dom Brooks says:

      Come on now! Beaches, reliable weather, a work life balance – seriously who’d want that?
      I like it here in the UK where I can reliably be wet, cold and miserable.

  4. Centinul says:


  5. Gary says:

    Congratulations. It was a tough one and I was amazed to even get in the top ten. Trying to judge the time is an added complication.

    Currently I’m cheering the Aussies for the Asian Cup (and that’s one that the Poms won’t beat us…due to geography if nothing else). And I won’t mention the cricket unless we win the one-day series.

    My bit of Sydney is more bush than beach. But I was cooking at the barbie earlier this week, so that bit was spot on.

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