External Resources

A list of resources that I frequently refer to and point others to:

Richard Foote: Index Internals Rebuilding The Truth
Jonathan Lewis: Unbalanced Indexes

Locking inc Unindexed Foreign Keys
Mark Bobak: Understanding and Interpreting Deadlocks(no longer available)
Interpreting LMD Global Wait-for-Graph
Tom Kyte on unindexes foreign keys
Jonathan Lewis: Lock Horror
Jonathan Lewis: Lock Modes
Richard Foote: New Locking Modes When Policing FKs

Statspack Interpretation (and therefore AWR)
Connie Dialeris Green: Diagnosing Performance Bottlenecks using Statspack and The Oracle Performance Method
Jonathan Lewis – Collection of Statspack and AWR resources

Pipelined Table Functions
Adrian Billington: Improving Performance with Pipelined Table Functions

“The EAV model” – what is it good for? Absolutely Nothing. Say it Again.
Tom Ktye: EAV
Tim Gorman – Bad CRMa

Consistent Gets
Mark Bobak: Difference between db block get and consistent get

Greg Rahn: Choosing An Optimal Stats Gathering Strategy

Tim Gorman: Scaling To Infinity
Jonathan Lewis: Local Indexes – prefixed vs nonprefixed
Doug Burns: Partitioning and Statistics

Doug Burns: How many Slaves?
Doug Burns: Tuning Parallel Execution
Doug Burns: Suck it Dry

Ronald Rood: Job Queue Processes and the Scheduler

The explanations of Billy Verreynne

Kevin Closson: Seven Fundamentals

By Example
Dynamic Pivot Query – Anton Scheffer
Tabibitosan method tutorial by Aketi Jyuuzou
Uekisan method tutorial by Aketi Jyuuzou

Extended SQL Trace
Miladin Modrakovic: Event SQL_TRACE in 11g
Tanel Poder: Oradebug Doc

Log File Sync
Kevin Closson: log file sync
Bart Sjerps – Redo log performance

Gwen Shapira: De-Confusing SSD
Kevin Closson: Leave redo where it belongs
Guy Harrison: Using flash disk for Redo on Exadata
Guy Harrison: Evaluating the options for Exploiting SSD

Result Cache:
Uwe Hesse: Result Cache (in particular see comments)
Alex Fatkulin: Result Cache Scability 11gR1 I
Alex Fatkulin: Result Cache Scability 11gR1 II
Alex Fatkulin: Result Cache Scalability 11gR2
Alex Fatkulin: Shared mode gets in 11gR2

Block Size
Jonathan Lews: Block Sizes
Jonathan Lewis: Copy of OTN forum thread
Greg Rahn: Understanding performance
Charles Hooper: Fault Quotes 5: Block Sizes
Oracle forums: Optimal block size

Tom Kyte:
Not using ORA_ROWSCN for optimistic locking

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