Oracle 19c Upgrade: Query hanging on PX Deq: Join Ack

Next installment of issues observed post Oracle Upgrade ( to 19.6)

Intermittent query affecting a number of SQL statement, but one particular SQL more than any other.

Event PX Deq: Join Ack is usually seen briefly when the QC (Query Co-ordinator) has to build the slave sets in order to execute a SQL statement in parallel. A message is sent to each slave and then the QC waits for acknowledgement (reference Doc Id: 250960.1)

On my application, when this problem occurs, the QC will hang forever waiting for the acknowledgement from one or a slow sequence of slaves. Longest I saw before intervention was 3 days.

Per that note, possible reason for prolonged wait times is that something happened to the PQ slave process. Unless/until PMON cleans up the internal structures, any new QC will assume the process is alive. Another possible cause is depletion of SGA memory such that the slave cannot establish its response channel.

With us, this issue is currently under investigation with Oracle Support but is believed to correlate to memory corruption errors:

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17182]

which ties back to bug 31045929: PGA Memory Corruption Caused By Cursor Frame Overrun

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