Oracle 19c Upgrade: Bug 31602782 – Same Instance Slave Parse Failure Flood Control

It’s almost a universal truth that for any non-trivial application you can expect to hit one or two serious incidents in production post-upgrade, most often due to some combination of workload and/or timing which just didn’t happen in testing beforehand.

In this instance (/these instances), it was the bug 31602782, the patch for which has the above title, the doc id description being “Contention on CURSOR: Pin S wait on X when PQ slave’s execution plan does not match with QC.

This has been around since 12.2 and is first included in 20.1. The doc describes it as

When a parallel query is executed, QC sends parse message to all slaves in all instances…. if the slave could not build the cursor with the same plan as QC and could not join, another slave tries the same and so on until all slaves get exhausted

In practice, what this meant for us was avery large and significant contention on library cache lock and cursor: pin s wait for x affecting all data loads, large parsing backlogs, issues with anything then wanting library cache lock on the same underlying objects – e.g.partition maintenance operations, etc

There were two specific processes involved and had we not got a bug diagnosis when we did, I would have started to rewrite those processes. It is not uncommon that the flows which end up hitting bugs and performance issues have mileage left in them in terms of optimisation. In hindsight, I believe we did hit this problem in UAT but not in this area and in UAT I had rewritten the process in question as it was problematic anyway,

Certainly once this patch was applied, our most urgent post-upgrade issues were largely resolved.

As an aside, I would urge anyone looking at an upgrade to review beforehand the list of Important Recommended One-off Patches which for 19c is Doc Id: 2720807.1

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