PLSQL Challenge Q4 Playoff

Do you play the PL/SQL challenge?

It was definitely tough.

The results of the Q4 2010 Playoff have been published.

When the answers were published, I thought I had a good chance of sneaking into the Top 10 but I fluked top spot.

I was so chuffed when I saw the preliminary results at the weekend. Couldn’t believe it. Made my weekend. And I didn’t even realise there was a prize – bonus.

It’s interesting to see the results of the past playoffs as well.
There are quite a few consistent performers in there.

Of whom though, a special mischievous thought goes out to Gary Myers who, in the height of Ashes fever, enjoyed the Q3 playoff results from an Aussie vs UK slant. So, now that’s both the the Ashes and the Q4 Playoff. Sorry Gary 😉

(Who am I kidding, I’d swap geographic locations any day…)

No doubt mine will be a typical British response though, failure to qualify for the next playoff is virtually guaranteed.

I’m thinking this achievement would look good listed on a CV under Hobbies 🙂

But it’s good stuff, you should do it.