GLOUP = Group of London Oracle Users in a Pub?

Would anyone be interested in the occasional gathering of like-minded Oracle-focused people for a beer?

What do you think? Good idea? Any interest? Could it work?

I’m thinking something after work for a couple of hours.

I’m thinking possibly in the function room (free?) of a central-ish London pub.

I’m thinking primarily of a development, DBA and performance bias – a beer, a chinwag, swapping stories about Oracle-related stuff, just a group chat perhaps or maybe even listening to a guest presenter for up to one hour (I don’t know … possibly as they warm up for a bigger event)? It doesn’t have to be all Oracle either.

Maybe the presentational side of things wouldn’t work too well – you start to need equipment, etc.

And I don’t know if guest presenters would be happy to give up their time. Although I’m sure they’d get a few beers in return (Will work for beer?)

Anyway, if you’re in the London area, you’re into Oracle and such a thing might tempt you along, then add a comment.