Up and Down Like an Up and Downy Thing

I am totally fed up with the poor performance and lack of availability of the Oracle Documentation.

It’s been like this for weeks.

Never a good advert for a technology company.

The upgrade and subsequent performance of Metalink/Oracle Support got a lot of press but this hasn’t.

Maybe that’s due to the vast array of good alternatives like Morgan’s library, Oracle-base, etc.

But damn it bugs me.


Documentation in need of confidence booster

Some people attach a lot of weight to what the Oracle documentation says.

Rightly so, most of the time. It is a hugely significant resource.

But there are some documentation bugs / errors.

I was answering a character set posting on the OTN forums and when providing some links to the doco, I noticed the quote below in the official documentation:

I think these secions that describe encoding are out of date. For example, do Java and Microsoft Windows still use UCS-2? Or do they use UTF-16? I think UNIX uses UTF-32. So I am confused about what is the most current information for these sections.

How reassuring ­čśë