CPU_time much higher than elapsed_time

Of course, one of the first places you should go is Oracle Support, but if you, like me, put off doing that and scratch your head for a while wondering why ELAPSED_TIME in V$SQL might be significantly lower than CPU_TIME when there are no obvious other explanations, then note these two bugs in

BUG 7168259 – Millisecond elapsed_time shows as 0 : Elapsed_time for SQL statements which execute in under one millisecond can show up as 0

BUG 7561762 – Elapsed_time is under-reported : Elapsed_time can be 0 or significantly less than V$SQL.CPU_TIME if there is significant idle wait class time


One Response to CPU_time much higher than elapsed_time

  1. Karl R. says:

    could it also be when an SQL run in Parallel mode that the summary of CPU time consumed is much higher then elapsed ? Means is Elapsed the time for start of the SQL execution/parsing till the SQL retrived all rows or just a summary of all Timings (CPU+WAIT+I/O)?

    cheers and merry christmas

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