Poll: SQL Plan Management

I’m interested in what SQL Plan Management features people are actively using.

For example on one system I’m working on, we use SQL Plan Baselines selectively, we have a couple of sql profiles as they were originally intended (i.e. as mechanisms for adjusting the optimizer’s estimates) and at least one sql profile created via the SQLT/COE method (i.e. outline-style hints). And, instead of hinting problem statements manually and inadequately, I’m pushing people towards using more and more of all three of these approaches depending on the scenario.

Another system has baselines off completely whilst another has pretty much everything baselined.

It very much depends on the system, who implemented it and what exact version the system was originally implemented on or upgraded to, and what problems they had during the implementation

If you have had any interesting experiences with any of these features then please add a comment.

5 Responses to Poll: SQL Plan Management

  1. Dom Brooks says:

    For example, there was a nasty performance bug with baselines in which is the version we did one initial upgrade to. Even though there was a patch for this bug, it put the kibosh on any plans to use baselines extensively to safeguard performance through the upgrade.

  2. Paul BURGAT says:

    Hi, I understood in licensing information 12.1 that neither plan baselines nor sql profiles aren’t available in standard edition SE/SE1 (see Sql Plan Management feature and tuning pack). So in SE/SE1 our last choice might be using stored outlines. But in 12.1 upgrade guide I read : Deprecated Stored Outlines:Stored outlines are deprecated in Oracle Database 12c. Use plan baselines instead.this paragraph is under 8.1.14 Changes for Oracle JDBC and SQLJ. Perhaps the deprecation in only in this context ? Or is it generally deprecated ? this would mean that we will lost a functionality from 12c SE/SE1 ?

  3. Paul says:

    Hmm I don’t see the results of the poll??

    • Dom Brooks says:

      It’s embedded content to polldaddy so is it possible that that url is blocked at your end?
      For some reason, I can’t post the url in these comments.

      Otherwise, these are the results at the time of writing:
      SQL Plan Baselines – off 14.71%
      SQL Plan Baselines – we baseline everything 6.47%
      SQL Plan Baselines – we baseline a few statements 28.82%
      SQL Profiles – Statistical adjustments / via Tuning Advisor 21.76%
      SQL Profiles – Outline style either manually created or SQLT / COE method 17.65%
      Stored Outlines 5.88%
      Don’t know / No idea / How do I find out 4.71%

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