Red Tape

Modern IT departments…..

IO is slow on a new server.

I talk to DBA.

DBA talks to SysAdmin.

I get told to contact Storage team.

Storage team says to talk to Platform team and get Platform team to raise to Storage if there’s an issue.

Platform team is represented by SysAdmin already involved.

Sod it.


3 Responses to Red Tape

  1. Rui says:

    Sigh… and the storage team will be away on a team building exercise. Leave message. 😛 Gotta love it.

  2. joel garry says:

    Well, look at the bright side – imagine what it would be like if there were no IT department.

  3. rnm1978 says:

    there’s an answer … it begins with Exa and ends with data 😉

    one appliance … one support point …

    in theory anyway

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