Agile is a way to find out quicker that those cheap resouces who don’t know SQL are killing you.

Joke, sort of…


9 Responses to Controversial?

  1. Dom Brooks says:

    Of course, the most important thing is not that someone might be lacking the requisite skills, it’s that they’re cheap.

    “Never mind the quality feel the width” as they used to say.

    Sometimes I think IT is in a crisis that it’s just not aware of.

  2. Dom Brooks says:

    Contraversial is not being able to spell controversial – duh!
    If that’s not lacking the “requisite skills”, I don’t know what is.
    Silly me.

  3. Rui says:

    🙂 😦

    too true

  4. Noons says:

    “Joke, sort of”???
    Absolute truth!

  5. nedoboi says:

    What’s wrong with dbms_advanced_rewrite?

    • Dom Brooks says:

      OK, you got me. How can you tell I was writing something about dbms_advanced_rewrite? It’s still in draft state! Is it a wordpress thing?

    • Gary says:

      Its an enterprise edition option and (like compression) fundamentally annoying to me when I have to work with Standard edition

      • Alex Nedoboi says:

        Well, it’s either dbms_advanced_rewrite, or, as a friend of mine (architect for a largish bureaucratic organisation) was recently told: “stop whinging and buy faster hardware” 🙂

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