GLOUP = Group of London Oracle Users in a Pub?

Would anyone be interested in the occasional gathering of like-minded Oracle-focused people for a beer?

What do you think? Good idea? Any interest? Could it work?

I’m thinking something after work for a couple of hours.

I’m thinking possibly in the function room (free?) of a central-ish London pub.

I’m thinking primarily of a development, DBA and performance bias – a beer, a chinwag, swapping stories about Oracle-related stuff, just a group chat perhaps or maybe even listening to a guest presenter for up to one hour (I don’t know … possibly as they warm up for a bigger event)? It doesn’t have to be all Oracle either.

Maybe the presentational side of things wouldn’t work too well – you start to need equipment, etc.

And I don’t know if guest presenters would be happy to give up their time. Although I’m sure they’d get a few beers in return (Will work for beer?)

Anyway, if you’re in the London area, you’re into Oracle and such a thing might tempt you along, then add a comment.


9 Responses to GLOUP

  1. Alistair Wall says:

    Exactly what I am looking for.

    • dombrooks says:

      Cool. We’ll see how this pans out…

    • dombrooks says:


      Not exactly an overwhelming response (although there were a couple of others interested not in the comments).

      It was just an idea.

      As Martin mentions below, he’s already got a social group going. I’m sure he’d be more than happy to include you as well. Hopefully I’ll see you at one of their future meet-ups.


  2. Sounds good to me, and I would be happy to be a guest presenter if it helps. I might even manage it without the aid of any extra technology (after all, I can usually manage to talk for ages in the pub with no encouragement)

    I’m actually part of an informal oracle drinking club in the City already Dom. Send us an email and I’ll let you know the next time we are out. We could collude on future events.

  3. dombrooks says:

    Martin – sounds good.

    That you’d be happy to do some presenting is great.

    But if all that happens is that I get invited out for a beer by some oracle dudes then that’s still good.

    I work with Oracle all the time, but fairly isolated.
    (I go to the pub fairly regularly – it’s not that I’m a complete saddo).

    I don’t tend to talk Oracle with people in an informal setting or that doesn’t require you to take time off, etc.

    Sometimes you just need to bounce stuff off other people, have stuff bounced off you, moan or just chat technically and find out what other people are doing in the same technology but in such a way that forums and blogs, etc don’t really fit the bill.

    But maybe there’s a greater need?

    • Hi Dom

      Sounds good to me. I know that the RAC sig always decamps to a pub afterwards.

      I like the sound of presenting without technical aids actually – sounds like the sort of thing that could really concentrate the mind on communicating and content not appearance.

  4. This is really interesting. My first exposure to user groups was in the linux community, and they always met at pubs or coffeeshops… but I feel like there’s been a tendency in Oracle UGs to be a little more formal with meetings, presentations and vendor connections. I’ve been working up something informal in Chicago that’s a little similar to this, though I’m shooting for lunches instead of after-work pub gatherings.

    Separately, I’m wondering if we should move some of our Chicago OUG meetings to the pub or coffeeshop. 🙂 The only thing I wonder about… I know you can’t please everyone, but will it keep some talented people away from our UG because culturally they don’t do the whole alcohol thing quite like others? (Such as folks from some middle eastern and south asian countries…)

    Anyway, I think there are a LOT of people like you who “work with Oracle all the time, but fairly isolated.” So I think an idea like this has a LOT of potential – connecting some of those people. And I think that it’s possible to find something in between “unstructured social” and “structured technical” that works for this kind of gathering… like some of the old LUG meetings I used to participate in.

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