Call that support

My severity 3 ticket with Oracle Support has been waiting for a response since I uploaded the requisite trace files on 14th July.

My regular updates asking why are getting more and more sarcastic but still no response.

I’m thinking, almost hoping for Oracle Support’s sake, that it must be a system problem. That the ticket has somehow gone missing.

I should escalate it but
a) the project it relates to is on hold and
b) I’m now interested in how long this will go on for.


3 Responses to Call that support

  1. Tim Hall says:


    I had one going for 18 months, then I left the company, so I don’t know if it was ever fixed. 🙂

    For some of these things I think they just hold out until your next upgrade, hoping it will be fixed by that…



  2. dombrooks says:

    What a coiincidence!

    It got updated yesterday.

    Apparently they’ve had an unusually high level of SR activity.

  3. dombrooks says:

    It was a false alarm. It got updated on the 11th August (coiincidence???) with
    “We apologize for the delay. We have had unusually high SR activity recently and appreciate your patience.

    I am reviewing the files and will upadte your SR shortly with the results.”

    and then has languished ever since.

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