Database Agility

A collation, for my benefit, of the thoughts of some others in this area:

  • Peter Shuh – Agility in the Database
  • Robyn Sands – it didn’t work…
  • Robyn Sands – User-centered Design
  • Robyn Sands – On the importance of a good data model
  • Scott Ambler – Articles and Other Writings
  • Martin Fowler – Evolutionary Database Design
  • John Brady – Solving Database Design In Development
  • John Brady – The Challenge of Agile Database Design
  • Max Guernsey, III – Rethinking Agility in Databases (Series)
  • Advertisements

2 Responses to Database Agility

  1. chet says:

    exactly what this space is for…you and no one else. if it helps me, great, thanks. if not, you have it “forever”

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