Earlier this month I attended Tanel Poder‘s course “Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting for DBAs and Performance Engineers”.

It was good – definitely worthwhile, lots of useful information and really puts into perspective those scripts of his, like LatchProf, LatchProfX, WaitProf and sample.sql. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff. So definitely worth thinking about if you’ve any training budget (that’s mine blown for forseeable future).

I’ve already mentioned the Metalink Headlines tip and I’ve had a little jump in traffic over the past couple of days from Tanel saying the same thing.

The other top tip was to read James Morle‘s book Scaling Oracle 8i. James was there on the second day but that wasn’t why it was recommended. Ignore the 8i in the title, most of it remains as relevant as it ever was. I don’t know how I never read this at the time but I’m ploughing through it on the train and it’s a real, real benefit. It’s not just about Oracle. It’s as much about the stuff it interacts with – OS, IO subsystems, memory, etc.
It’s downloadable. Read it.


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