Just a quick one…

Had a meeting request today to get an idea of the different authorisation groups that will be required when in the future we move to a model that carries the authorisation ACL with the data.

This is a part of an ongoing architectural initiative to turn a logic-heavy database effectively into a bit bucket.

I know these things are going on all the time everywhere in a quasi-religious battle.
I know I’ve talked about it before as have many others elsewhere.
I’m sure I resolved to let it wash over me and not to get bothered by it or get sucked into battles I can’t win.

But this is madness this aspiration that this database, probably one of the most expensive bits of this tech stack, should be reduced to a bit bucket at some point in the future.

With the middle tier doing the data joining…

The middle tier doing what should be the set operations in the database in some sort of horrific giant nested loop operation…

And the middle tier doing the data security, which should be right there with the data in the database.

It’s a mad world.

And in today’s economic climate, this can’t be what they mean by “doing more for less”.


5 Responses to Madness

  1. dombrooks says:


    if you are just loading all the data into memory…

    if you’re loading up who can see what…

    if eventually you’re not even interested in doing joins in the database…

    if you just want single table lookups out of the database…

    What is the point of a database at all?

    Just have one 300GB file, a lot of memory and load it up at startup. It will startup eventually I’m sure.


  2. Tim Hall says:

    Sounds like the perfect solution to me. I hear databases aren’t very good at joins and stuff. 🙂



  3. dombrooks says:

    Cheers Tim. I’m sure you should be resting that hand, not typing.

  4. B. Polarski says:

    For all new projects involving 3-triers here is my unique and final recommandation : Quick Oracle away, put one single XML flat file containing everything.

    Pro : Spare yourself time, for anyway you will do it.

    Cons: None, since you will not use the DB anyway.

  5. dombrooks says:

    Sometimes you’ve got to let them make their own mistakes, it’s just like parenthood….

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