– our survey says…

Uh-uh (Family fortunes anyone? No? Don’t blame you)


First day testing the patch in preparation for an OLS implementation (for which there are various significant performance fixes in and therefore should be in rather than the current production version of, and one of the very first SQL statements that the application issues on startup goes bang.

End of file on communication channel.


Ok, ok, I don’t know for sure yet that it’s 100% definitely the patch.

But it’s going to be. I’ve reduced the suspect SQL statement down and down and it’s gotta be.

What a way to finish the week.

I’d shout at it if I thought it would help.

Damn it.


4 Responses to – our survey says…

  1. prodlife says:

    Heh. We had MMAN crashing the instance after patching and before we could upgrade the data dictionary.

  2. Yehuda says:


    i actually upgraded my instance today during the morning and got the same error.

    here is the step that i done to resolve it (not realy sure what was the helping step)

    1 create pfile from the spfile
    2 Remove all the line with the “__” prefix
    STRM11.__oracle_base=’/orahome/app/oracle’#ORACLE_BASE set from environment

    3 Create new spfile and use it

    the upgrade was fine except one error at the end (Note 744693.1)

    good luck


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  4. dombrooks says:

    It’s taken 11 days for Oracle to confirm that this is a bug in – now that’s service…

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