Bug in 11g AWR report

Post 11g upgrade, one of the first things I noticed was in the AWR reports.

In the Instance Efficiency Percentages, the “Parse CPU to Parse Elapsd %” was a less than impressive “0.00”. I’ve become accustomed to this being low in reports here, but not that low 😉 .

This has been confirmed as a new bug but the support analyst was not hopeful of it being fixed at any point soon (periods of not months but years and 12g was mooted).

It’s not a big deal. The forumula for this ratio is an unsurprising 100*(parse time cpu / parse time elapsed), figures which can be found elsewhere in AWR (and statspack of course) in the Instance Activity Stats.

So, the figure that should have reported was 85% – still less than impressive.

I’m slightly surprised that something so obvious slipped through the net but then again maybe not if it’s unlikely that more than 1% of Oracle sites are running 11g.


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