UKOUG – Day 1

I can’t believe how quickly bloggers have got out their first day summaries… Here’s mine.

So, Day 1 has been on the go since about 8:45 with the odd break here and there between presentations but now I’m all done. It’s been good but I couldn’t sit through another minute without a significant break.

It all started with a summary of the last thirty days from Ian Smith and then Tom Kyte. The bottom line was that Oracle stands for innovation and leadership which is probably fair point from a database perspective at least.

The message I have taken away so far today is that although there are some good features in 11g, no single one is a killer upgrade reason, not for me at least.

I don’t want to give a summary of all that I attended, so, amongst the various presentations two highlights. Firstly, when Ian Ambramson gave an honest appraisal of the vaunted information lifecycle management (ILM) packaged in 11g in his “Partitioning: From Start to 11g” presentation. I was sitting in front of the Oracle ILM product manager who did not seem overly impressed. Secondly, in his presentation on “11g New Features for DBAs”, while showcasing interval partitioning, Tom Kyte gave an excellent demonstration on why you should use explicit formats when working with dates. Well, at least I’m 99% certain that’s what it was, rather than a bug in interval partitioning. Obviously, Tom had to move along in his presentation but he promised to blog about the lesson learnt next week.

Tonight – beers at the blogger’s meetup.


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