Unit testing good

I’ve written before about unit testing in the database. And I was very pleased to get some comments on that post from Steven Feuerstein.

In years gone by, what little unit testing I have done has involved hand crafting my own tests in PL/SQL or whatever language was involved, with the obvious problem of errors in the tests, writing tests based on code I’ve already written.

At my current client, I have been evaluating Qute Quest Code Tester for Oracle. They had been using utPLSQL and Ounit but one look at the amount of test code that you had to write left me distinctly unimpressed.

BUT I have been very pleasantly surprised with Quest Code Tester for Oracle. I say surprised, scrap that, I mean why would you be with a man like Steven Feuerstein at the helm? What I mean is that it has been far easier and far less painful than I had imagined. Sure, there are a few featurettes to be ironed out still, but on the whole I am very impressed. So far, very little code to write, point and click, set up some custom (reusable) data sets, run some tests and get a barrage of green smiley faces telling you everything’s ok.

If you’re not using it, I urge you to have a look. But in the flesh on a pilot project. The trial download might be ideal for a short sprint.


2 Responses to Unit testing good

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  2. Thanks for the positive comments on Code Tester, Dominic. We’ve been working hard to improve it over the last couple of years, and it has come a long way. Please don’t hesitate to let us know about those “featurettes” you’d love to see added.

    Warm regards, SF

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