“Simplified” development

Amongst the links that Beth (aka datageekgal) highlights this week is a forthcoming framework from Microsoft to simplify development.

From the article announcing the framework:

The goal of the ADO.Net Entity Framework is to eliminate the impedance mismatch between data models and languages, saving developers from having to deal with these. An example of such a mismatch is objects and relational stores.Developers might write an application that manipulates a CRM system with data for customers stored in 12 different tables…

With the Entity Framework, you can automate the process essentially of bringing all that data together and presenting it to the developer as a single entity so they can interact with it at a higher level of abstraction…

Sounds like Hibernate, Ibatis and other such ORM tools to me.

I’m got two words for you – Stored Procs and/or Object Relational Views (well, two options, seven words).

That’s an abstraction that works every time.

You just need someone who knows what they’re doing on the database – and I know that’s not trendy in IT at the moment 😉

Mind you, in the past year I’ve worked on my first two .Net projects and, compared to JDBC, the lack of support for Oracle object and collections types in the various data provider options, including ODP, is a frustration. While there is support for associative arrays, Oracle permanent object types (CREATE TYPE …. AS OBJECT / AS TABLE OF ….) are not…. yet.

But I believe that that support is coming in the 11g version of ODP.NET. I’ll try to dig out the link.


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