OraStory Activity

It is fascinating to review the blogstats for my site and see how visitors end up here – notably what the search terms that they use to end up with. This provides valuable insight into community issues.

I’m not a prolific poster and I don’t have a huge number of regular readers, so apart from when I have written something new and I appear on the main community feeds, e.g. OraNa and or community summaries like log buffer, most of my traffic is from search engines.

From the search engine terms that drive visitors here, my article on deadlocks and unindexed foreign keys has connected with loads of people searching for about this issue. And when I wrote it, I was thinking that most people would know about these things.

Unexpectedly, quite a few people have run into the same problem that I did with cursor_sharing, mdsaora and ora-00937.

A not insignificant number are interested in using shareplex to migrate to 10g.

There are so many posts about it and so unsurprisingly many are searching about varying in lists.

Finally, I’ve always maintained that there are two subject matters that are either unintuitive or come along so slowly but steadily that you can never recall what you learned previously – charactersets and nls conversions.

What would be great, especially when ideas for blog entries are a bit thin on the ground, would be to be able to look at the top x searches on Google that involve “Oracle” (searches in general rather than the lucky (?) few who actually end up here) and then use that to drive what you write about. I had a very brief look and I couldn’t see anything that provided this functionality.


One Response to OraStory Activity

  1. Paul M says:

    Keep writing articles about problems that you solve and you will get people who find your site searching for a solution.
    Mining the keyword searches is a good idea especially when feedback via comments is light.

    If you have a popular page relative to other pages, write more on that subject, not only does it increase your quality content it is deepens your knowledge on the subject.

    Have Fun


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