Database testing – Load Testing

As I was saying…

I’ve mentioned load testing frameworks previously and there’s not much to add apart from I have singularly failed to either fully investigate or implement either of Hammerora or Simora. Yet.

Both work by replaying trace files to generate accurate activities and workload. Simple ingenuity.

Other options include Swingbench and ORION.

From the initial blurb, Orion seems more of an IO thing. But Swingbench looks good too. Dominic Giles has another utility, Datagenerator, which I imagine might tie in nicely with DBUnit if you needed some volumes of data to do certain unit tests, maybe.


4 Responses to Database testing – Load Testing

  1. Jeff Smith says:

    Don’t forget about Benchmark Factory for Databases. It’s been around in one form or another for about 10 years and allows a developer or DBA to stress test their Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, or ODBC generic connection under loads approaching 40,000 virtual users.

    It also has native support for many of the TPC organization’s published benchmark tests.

    But I like it most for allowing me to take a trace file and replay activity under load or by taking a single stored procedure or SQL script and using it to abuse the database.

  2. dombrooks says:

    Thanks Jeff. I will make a note to take a good look along with the others above.

  3. Alistair Wall says:

    Oracle 11g has a feature for recording and replaying workload. I have seen this feature called ‘SQL replay’. I have just searched for explicit descriptions, but have not found any.

  4. dombrooks says:

    That does sound promising. I just did a search as well and it only really returned not much more than rumour, nothing that could be called a definitive reference.

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