Cover me, I’m going in.

New client this week.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out at my previous assignment for one reason or another so I took the tough decision not to renew and to move on.

Have been on holiday as well, so posts have been a little lacking. Regarding the holiday, it was a tough choice between that and the Miracle Database Forum in Scotland … and the family won the battle. Next time I hope to get my timing a little better.

So, first day today at a new client in the city. I imagine that my blog posts will be a little scarce until I have some new stuff that I can blog about in a company-anonymous way. However, this is a client with 9iR2 Standard Edition on Windows. I’ve always been more of a Enterprise Edition on Unix person – by luck more than design, I suppose.

My first reaction was that this – SE – was like fighting with one hand tied behind your back, but on reflection I think that’s a little daft. More like one finger tied behind your back – depending on the nature of the application though. And SE can be a very attractive licensing option especially for SMEs trying to get a grip on their costs.

So, I hope to have some decent blog posts about SE, the workarounds that I’m having to do, and other such topics. On a work front, there is definitely going to be more activity. There’s more on here than the last place, this is much more of a database-centric application rather than a bit bucket/object store and there are plenty potential areas of optimisation.


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