Cursor_sharing, mdsaora, ora-00937 part II

Previously, I mentioned an issue with the setting of the CURSOR_SHARING parameter to FORCE when combined with an application using a version of the MSDAORA driver.

This had resulted in an ORA-00937 error – “not a single-group group function”. The reason being that the driver was adding a ROWID column into the column list of a SELECT statement which did a GROUP BY. Not a nice side effect.

I have noted from my blog stats that there is a consistent trickle of people arriving at my blog that, given their search engine terms used to find me, seem to be having the same problem.

With this in mind, I can confirm that a recent change in the application to use the Oracle OLEDB driver has resolved this issue. However, I don’t unfortunately have visibility of the detailed changes made in the application to give any insight into this.


One Response to Cursor_sharing, mdsaora, ora-00937 part II

  1. Ari says:

    Bug No 1988231
    Metalink Note 462734.1
    The deferred parsing flag is being ignored.
    The workarounds are as you said in your blog.

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