Oracle Text – 5 million rows , the final countdown

Finally, the parallel processes have finished indexing the documents – the last thread finished at 5:27 pm yesterday – but, alas, the index creation has not finished yet.

Here is one of the log files from the index creation process.

2 Responses to Oracle Text – 5 million rows , the final countdown

  1. Andy Helm says:

    We had an exponentially worse index build today, once relocated the objects being created from default tablespace (all extents 40k) to a better tablespace (all extent 8M) things improved hugely.

  2. dombrooks says:

    Thanks Andy. That’s something I’ll look into when the opportunity to rebuild this prototype arrives. From my log file, the slowdown *seemed* to be due to the in-memory indexing rather than the flush to disk so it might be that that wont help me in this case. But your comment has caused me to revisit how I created this specific tablespace for this index in the first place (i.e. I didn’t give it any thought other than to have a separate one – the problem with a prototype sometimes)

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