New Year’s Resolutions II

At work, I am resolved to push through the upgrade from Oracle 8.1.7 to 10.2.x

The client currently has a live 8.1.7 instance on some pretty old hardware that uses Shareplex to replicate to a standby.

Any planned upgrade is going to have some teething problems and I’m sure every installation and every upgrade is unique.

I am encouraged by one case study experience of Database Specialists whilst being wary of some of the problems that others (can’t find the relevant articles at the moment) have experienced.

In terms of application SQL performance, I think that the key to the initial migration is going to be the use of Stored Outlines to preserve the current perceived dodgy optimizer stability. Once the upgrade has been implemented and is stable, then I think we can start to optimise the SQL and, for example,remove some of the push_subq hints from queries that have no subqueries….


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